Feast for Power Guzzlers


  • Super fast charging of lithium & Lead-acid batteries
  • Accurate power supply/ rectifier for 24 DC
  • Perfect maintenance charging of starter- and back-up batteries


  • Advanced digital switching technology
  • Highly efficient,  low dissipation, cool running
  • Smallest in the world, fits in almost any suitable space


  • Yachting (works with all global input voltages)
  • Commercial shipping (DNV – Class B)
  • Offshore & industry (UL)

It's high time for a new generation of compact, quiet, cool running and indestructible battery chargers

Lightweight; Lowest disturbance, with a ripple-free DC output. Perfect for electronic devices that need a non-stop DC power supply of the highest quality. Also, the best solution for fast charging of lithium and lead batteries. For buffer charging, feeding, maintenance charging.

The Supreme Pro does it all!

Look at the minimal space needed to install 9 kW of 24 VDC charging power! Here, 3 x Supreme Pro 24/100 only need 445 x 760 x 145 mm (HxWxD)

The installation space for 1 unit is only 445 x 300 x145 mm (HxWxD)

Professional Battery Charger | Power Supply

Supreme Pro

Highly efficient Extremely powerful Lightweight Super-compact

Input voltage 90-265 VAC, 50-60 Hz

3 DC output

6.5 kg

445 x 210 x 145 mm

Aluminum housing

Clear LCD display

UL | DNV | Class B

Optimal system interfacing

Professional Battery Charger | Power Supply

Supreme Pro

UL | Class B | DNV | GL | ABS GMDSS Functionality Digital LCD screen with lighting professional internal connections